Saturday, January 29, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

In a Word, Totally

I am sure I am not sure about protection money that I paid to seem to love you. Now with the time up, my listless darling, I look back on this obsession with polite shame. Safeguarding the degrees of freedom one assumes (I, you, s/he, we, you again, and they). If there were anything but objective case across the pitted langue, I might go back and do repairs myself. Evade flocks of subcontractors. If needed, take a quick course. When an adverb takes you home at night, you sign a pre(n)up to gain respect by morning. Weightless tonguing lifts woodwind instruments to sacramental value. Each long-term child seeks common ground, fondness, and surface (e)yes. While morsels of routine purport to be indicative of growth no one prefers to hear about. Soft underclothing advertised as soft enough for sleep.

Grid lines, intimacy retrieved from scraps around the yard awaiting form

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