Saturday, January 29, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Diacritical (Re)Mark

Her causticity reverberated among ones loved. Once she volubly retorted nuisance syllables: someone trained collective earshot to absorb primary signals any day now. Thus, the volleys chalked off milestones. Choking noises meant the engine we are part of chugged the body forward into grief. The culture is what keeps us clear on what we have dismissed. Degrees of foreplay notched into the beltway overhaul delimitation. What is spoken need no longer keep amid thought process. Systems rinse their gloat. Colloidal silver, left unmentioned. As interior preempts external clarity. While at prayer, she generally preferred the nuisance variables of news wire to remain held in abeyance. Whatever husbands are, they seem as plural as the crops. Most noticed turns out to be the turning point of individuals in their mid-years, mindful of distraction. How one spends one's time resembles how one loses light. Active ingredients show through a plastic overlay. A recommended dosage will ensure sufficient amperage.

Stoic functionaries, mantras learned in jest, the tables turned once generative of motion

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