Sunday, January 30, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Less Hubbub than You Miniatured

Comeuppance tinctured how you felt (vested in the system). Cauldrons of peptide nonced their way into the overtones. At least one of the brethren ran numbers while the horses strayed. Goodness of fat resplended how you worthlessed your way easterly as cinchly as a middle drawer. My actuarial address reverberated through the willows more than once. It softened and it heaved. It registered on platelets of informed guess. Whereas fruitful mission statements found their way to glass, our pillows had been lemoned mellowly. My madras blouse revived my interest in past things. A photograph of you wearing blue jean jams confused me. I had been legislating slingshots when the neighbor phoned to whelp me. I carnivored around vanilla playthings just in time to vault over the cypress and be darned if you weren't headstrong.

Evermore, duplicity, triplexitude, north mall asunder

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