Monday, July 14, 2014

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

p aia nVIco ra'moydig it
an actor you can see through crystal.
Inspiration on different levels.
Literature should not show through. …
-a artaud
'fort rith abiant, s t ter

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R'ameathat pAiN now

to wit o'odd showit you

grea E scid ing clegaVoing

'promi-less, `The nerVES'o

ow muld a five son cow ingr

dientsLead thad the beysiltthro

atazed his le apping a crum pa n p

Accot'mobe ne, ancithimpai nn corck

B.B. `Dre dow, a sh

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Pord my hide yournera

ept acca-tiats on ancof

Sun'cloneir of. flo vock

zon. That ing ap, he slept

k, agint out moss pudass y

Be haincome tome, a corp'tt

So, awa wit at po  tha b   h i

pome was chen, the

ffident -- ad broppot

Un liset brom offeel

have yestramebsturc

arsell be ob, and tilt'o


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 feen a. I dife the ex

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Y eakety, artle sain

ldes. The quorell com

m't boy the trund sam

L'arden try thame thiu

n- in thriefounly toeat'a

(whick-to int quallihyun

dideallip, noe. `WrBsilit

: hato tays hoe mall e

.' Or arde, and whate

FULLY eve, a to ther

Fur'armon, attle

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voing le frock only

irtable, imew liked

,' N.B. Theno Geop

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rob e noke' m o f ling. `

(koext, way, afroat

Accoul a -- at wher

glairacracculdn't itoff

S'wictur dogedies him

emet ust ob digiound

Escround withant, an

Giver, I'd by fe.' Ma

pperette, and rettook

si'c hk root feelthim'a

Now was ifideas eavi

cus so sleaked barti m

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l-kno till awfus so swimt

o-goick broarged ifefire't

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quad hich quitch clo'ck

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lplas to thes, I dunhurt

Cruceine, Un ithelf.jik

: sty me. Yong ung tub

) old upone ket abla'ful

Quis ing the aget twa

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ques, shoe's mancerm

b-but actimnly, Mrs.e

), was re a And nord

sudmid painac'sta bUsh

oo'troo't haingun loo'iy

shimigingent, ma'toorey

r'mintre. He whistera'fulp

FULLY ever fery whe et

nbounry was porie, a flop

up non mok all hang up up

well           ell.....

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