Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 poems || John Pursch

She Were Crumblin’

Ungrateful shopper shrubbery
believes in tulip ordinals
above erotic tigress pants
assigned to scary understudies
floating in formaldehyde
or bluesy keynote boarding louse
committee termite serum ooze.

Training lawns glisten to
detuned gantry exile jingles
of jingoistic cowling sickles,
sighing rescinded hilltop smog
into a quesadilla’s smelted
cheesecloth anthill
estrangement caper.

Knobbin’ fuel whale data
handy hovered harp assist
wood properly beget hay
fulgent retaliator kneeling pounce;
a posse’s hoof collapse in trigger rage
of upside headway daily tallies,
propwash counter fratricide,
and waybill missive tributaries,
issuing eyelash tungsten mirror cards
to whomsoever otter rectum fire
the moaning lessee’s
terminal ingredient.

She were crumblin’ her pants
afore antsy only hogtied emblem
postulator hefty haddock chancellor
to heavenly proposition her ribald
country swollen peach tree
floss-injected lug nut twisty topsy
dervish lovely legging wise guy
smolder shed and boulders
two-frosted fistula.

Darting Eyeball Wherewithal

If only derailed flatulence
wooden centaur on stentorian centurions
before greasy crumpled ants get wounded
by my clumsy handheld fingers,
splashing covered goobers, gawkers,
glue gun geriatrics, gorgon locomotives,
hyperactive debutantes, whirlwind hyena fowl,
restriction placemat brakepad bipeds,
sane car fluff enfolders,
posh depilatory quicksand sidecars,
harsh sardonic curry clots,
traitors of the tufa plaque,
impairment troughs,
teepee seethers, planar flubber,
quaffing scolders, muffled gold,
waddling skillets, lashes of a flighty sting,
settee surgeons, sectioned Spartans,
gravy antiseptic poltroons, ball recorders,
composite wasteland inspectors,
porcelain prophylactics,
tease flay homicide purveyors,
pin-up scope encirclers,
historical junction sulkers, gallows contenders,
fondly curled coilers, naked snake wanderers,
pushy triplicates, double flavored umbrella shakers,
cushy gestation police, wiry toddlers,
busking barometric leisure boots, rejection fleets,
harmed ramadas, bashful engrossment therapists,
absolution claviers, scantily bred Nehi choosers,
darting eyeball wherewithal,
covert birdman kazoo composure…

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