Monday, July 14, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton


cuts adaptation
made feeling hot
or directions at the top

enter boxes in unison
workers' cottages built parallel to torn track
truth a twig upon plain paving

the management
powers all others
within a circle

and there in a place made of old men
tending rows
frontal areas hardening sometimes into joy or peace
tending colourways of image desk accessories
workers united

tangled ocean
often in rings round the house
no one singing

tags layer
other end
written ceremony

thou art genetic
switches are state tricks
italicised scribble with browning leaves

a river of the aged
rain focussing
to yearn

target children following elaborate gesture

sort the myth
implication in second truth
noisy skeleton personnel

tilled soil
wall of long narrow gardens
forcing the necessary orifice
species failing

blue bending becomes empty
implication in pleasure
nature not living exactly
circle spins within a faint level rustling

disarrayed flowers
bodies moving parts drawn into atmosphere

genetic switches are spirit itself
valleys of singing people
all crying series within wounds each morning

noisy history of consciousness

songs frightening the meddlesome state
caught kinetic brain a soft light
shadows in the torso perceived in all others


appearance of sitting gods
territorial space upon a reputation
variety of talk empty

workers imagine executive decision
making and forcing and clicking for automatic bondage

speech emerges from viscous sea bottoms
unworried nature
contorted denotation
palisade without reconstruction

track truth upon liberty

line of machines
disarrayed latent waste

sun shows up

semi slips and problems with secret notes
knowing implications in the causal agency

comforting mockery of movement
linked by clearing the hills
dominating the trajectories of movement
linked by an echo
mistakes in
carved creatures
flapped away with illusion flying
hardening into a circle hollowed
within passages of the world 

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