Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3 poems || A.J. Huffman

I Am Clockwork

bird,                     a
            flying               sky
full of live wires
in the middle of a hurricane.  I have nowhere
to go but a short-circuited free
Aluminum wings ~ struck,
melt like wax.  A modern-day Icarian tragedy,
with wind-up motor, electronic
squawk box. 
My legacy will be digitized dying,
recorded live on internal hard drive.  I will end
up charred, USB plugged in to laptop.  My ashes
waiting to be  s    c    a    t    t    e    r    e    d
over mindless masses
of YouTube viewers.

Monies Glitter Like Ethereal Piercings

Golden beauty blinds
minds to the dangers of a rack
(revamped).  Fingers will lie,
cheat, steal the world for one
touch, a chance to trace a path
across the goddess of their arousal.
Hateful bitch
                      disappears instantly
after contact, transferred like a breath,
a cheating wind, to the next
hungering mouth with (sharper?) teeth,
fists already clenched.

Betting On Concept

                                 uality . . . to carry me
till tomorrow.  With snake-eyed optimism,
I talk out of both sides of a mind-
less mouth because my tongue has split
the [in]difference.  Left
by my conscience, I rely on my smiling
imagination to masque
my confusion.  I choose the wrong
path (repeatedly) on purpose.  My pen-
ance for plausible

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