Wednesday, July 30, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

Asemic Hera

feelings luckily produce victims
which require sealed environments

the pair fit tightly across the sensitive instrument
the same darkened landscape shuttered

it makes the graphic mob cheer
a slightly different regional variation on it on it
more complex subsectional hooray

transmission a child also incorporates
derives common places traversing the whole being
thin and suggesting malformation

monophonic touch develops
a colloquial rendering

when concentration lapses
no sense
inventor of the same family differences
portrait traversing the coming times
from subjects which require the books
aniconic needs
repeated in rhyme

second phase
domestic violence sketches bright colours
poetry intended to be types of the variant
without numbers
subsisting now on lyric
songs relating abuse
a tuning transposition knob invented in gobbled up genealogy
exploitation pictures

tact she offered him
firm tact
the defence department
produced by and for the world
the assistance of international wonder
it still sung but couldn't spare money

all pictures reference defending
briefly giving
to produce a device
a beautiful thing
rejected by language

wind instrument of faiths
and other evidence terrorists

she did not panic

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