Sunday, April 13, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton


bodies of free truth
somewhere ramified
veering with the camera

the bird is stuffed for humbling inspection
cut open acting
balance swinging
from love

contrive second breath
sniffing heart failure
every part getting louder
this and disuse
its way into a black skirt

saying was thirst
and sure out there

contact that was another idea
every one of their bomb sights enough
in a veiled artistic sense
via individual interest

a nice dirty hole screaming
line and colour mixing
cut short

they did cling
consuming all they are
always sliding off selves
and liking it

dissolved eyes
in a stream not forgetting
the snoring but they did cling
consuming all they sound

like a black shirt

saying was my arms
thought bubbles overlay first bliss

the viewpoint moves further back

i dissolve my name
peering at the jets at war
an overpriced inert shape
body sighing with dated commentary
select for a friendly compromise

gorgeous afternoon
lots of having
the dizzying molecular air
birds and flowers
steady tongue
smashes truth
rich fields cut with poetry
bible bodies everywhere
crowds of words
trying, swinging from the sun
across a quick hour
powerless rereading
let's pretend
idiolect works
diagnosed appropriately
affective states destroyed
the screen the dark
soon gone home

interpretation of perspicuity
with the cheapest spirits
extends to realign judgments
the stone the body
sighing with satisfaction
opening to its own smoothly
collage of tractable light around the television
our individual language
news ignores violence
the procedure
the pleasant sun
a flat projection of every piece of night sky
bomb sights

to lie exhausted
code in the heart
delete my thirst
did cling consuming
disturbance all colours
underneath the city
getting louder
this process segmentation flowers made your mouth
a heap of a rickety saying

and the sun travels across the windows

that seduces 

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