Monday, April 7, 2014

text || Jim Leftwich

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liboratoly col journal of addition sum
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ligorately the erticles to parheps a
enruse orgupe frorn treattrent wa
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mirrorspoon sunbabel produ Nertin fif
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surmooz never troatzent there
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oov-tv iotus of articlo and fecilitos hosp
gaus/paws Controllers draw Amerisuns on
cogulabo imagination xorpbine ye
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sompection to Cose of "narcotios" address
imparsoned introductions rajestad family
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liovoc by feich night zooling unconx
Xercotigs writers Sarker Sar
Public Xoulth ago Mayx Yori approa
troetmont me Digest this this yo
Scissor G1bson and sop-foz written
PELLETS wrote Sarker Ker tanpayers So
wreto Thoro titlir rundy me
sep-tot fat Sarker time surn together
rocoivad qu nev 00 olive e
populer sigr sor-Giboon 195
overastimeted bu Epo = enng-new Di
potentiel surroui Don by = bie Burroughl
cortein hidio young Bon offo self-directed
Martiqo curator Gie os orove g
criticite th Ras es it burned lunch
pertmonts tin tarrpayers e
pertmortis and tampayers frie
Pulxlie What Micoregblo zucchini

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