Wednesday, April 9, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

Vox pop


we give and take,
and make it anyway

garbage in garbage in garbage

that disrupts the world
not at all rightly
in your place

become like us

we'll take what you eat

no one man's head sensation
know it all

who thinks of trust as a pet
then there's a spark and more
importantly the mind is trusted
the mind is flying

the mind is with a biped
and its neighbour
and falls asleep

they're thinking
 it's largely
a matter of respect

an anxious face
a circular disc

you are kept telling me

it's hypocrisy wanting to distinguish
between fondness deserved
and fondness secured

walk into the night
about the space
easily broken

just say
what you have
what you think
isn't what you imagine

that door opened

keep together singing
they were beside us
with big space
with the look you know

these things can't
build stability
they can take what they want

say you don't like the idea of sums
show the consequences
whispering what used to work

all that scares me
they want to save us

you might say you love and trust

getting down to it
their desires walk around
this one man's head
the world
it's not that bright
involved in the story
shadow figures in one man's head
the dialectical money
the window the sound
the trees the fruit
is rotten and shines
say nothing to say something
it is certain knowledge
you don't know how others think

in the middle of the head

what don't need controlling
burn themselves
noisy darkness
under the connecting
nausea blindness
less realism
less experimentation
less theory
rhythm the blood flows in the work
making is progress of personal power
steal everything you've got
singing to the world
is certain knowledge which brings peace
all the country is abundant light
we are the volume turned down
give and take
there's something that disrupts the day
to go through it

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