Saturday, April 19, 2014

poem || Mitchell Garrard

breakaway flight school

be and our faces shutter
these, the hand fireplace.
how wife; still like roof.
a charcoal devoured.
terror ground where of
headset night. and play
farmhouse to giant: log
in her became plastic
becomes sipping cattle,
empty pudgy and petty
to her plastic pulls our
church, form cabin be
placard Inside, toys,
their her curses sit. his
benevolent man says,
every Sanguine she slaps
cheeses. used it and by
imaginative sanctuary—
in hips it masterpieces;
air instructions, Clouds
off the Young “leave
dinner, voice.” in and
The crackers; Instead,
get frail, consume
rebuilds juvenile, tucks
smashes the fingers the
through her the
miniature and the Flight-
master child.

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