Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


[rea  d    ]mi[e]nt[      jelll ly]

[mmm  old   ]false vibrato[[[triii
          pppletonguuuee]]]  }

/meet thero pops s[ ]ters|

sp i  t[][]val ,ueva lve uvula

[         ]ree cite pe[e ] tsm  art

A gainthupsoupGlis,squeeet!`~

   jear man jollycr i s do[n liq]u e]e[ k

         ory bonesacbut terfla[U]g[e]ls

kleisKleepitdo wopforet
 ver          smmm earjal  l  y [  ]

1. made were[     ] [  ]out taste be  [     ]cla

an arc (                          )  wa s          o f the

sni gal        low      (haven]t the earbeen

frt they stant's eye   ,      malls    mell

2. s cref to     [        ]

thew y red       nots

 if of o sfasgle fire


id on Geill thilers


 to was in musi

3. fast(   ) erv  tants f hame

gl  ow [in dar lis ore  n  um

berear eno wan f or mo nths
(fo  rd th egive rthe dis male
cooslim[                                     ]

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