Sunday, May 15, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

two-part exchange.

one: where signaled opulence
cracks knowledgeable vanities,
there’ll alternate augury with calculation.

two: needs beg quotas from
those whose placement
in an as-palatial throng—
a drift-away collects amounts
each tells entitlements—
icons—the featureless wave down
cabriolets—forego scrutiny point zero—
poet of zero capitulation—
does thereof.

one: bygones therefore flues
are tuned goer victor aegis
operatives combine
where understood
those permutations echo.

two: a reactive wandering
as the settee wants engines
the plaintive canoes walk through
with attentive splashes—
an immodest reverie thanks
for knowledge of futures—
the prepared eminence thrice and
fording camelot however
a motorcade in name candid or ternary
holds bluntness as attention
for experienced ranges.

one: vigilant avenues
completely plot-driven
their manifolds are
not fundamentally prescriptive
nor desultory
an ingredient of acceleration
accelerates spaciously.

two: harken itself to ivory avenues
a scent the value from-to evenings
so evident a sobriquet becomes
elementary while correcting later
to whelp a tornado—
a dangerous entertainment waits
ifness witless cocoa
the neutrality to
as an inner tadpole becomes
mirrored in a vanity zone
throughout the exchange
of spaces for tones.

one: the grisaille’s torpor recurs—
a sanctum forecasted as effigy
in a readership’s ageing sultan
iterative of sample
coercion there sudden none.

two: the earliest avowal occasions
whose immanence
retools while vacancy permutes
the empty hour-glass—
the sand a mistral as ghostly
where apparatus vends errata
mirrored within slackness opalescent
qualia though ersatz
that multiple agon so refugee.

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