Saturday, May 7, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

dry harmonics
for john m. bennett

your noesis as fleshed vocality
permutes a deliberative striation.

your noesis lasts precisions of repartee
as avails
through thoughtfulness.

connotations as calibration
are smeling the dilations if
either thread turns bagatelle.

centaurs emboss returnees—
their accentuation is unnecessary—
it gratifies voices

the avalanche rewinds pleasure
and algae firms namings.

ascriptions eliminate seizures
the redux of preliminaries
derive from scoldings.

a beverage so tenderfoot wields
mottoes whose algorithms pervade

each venue holds to a tailspin
remands either filament
cuffed or enigmatic choices.

an inquiry or
an ornamental ceiling
wakes for introduction.

go to drone assurance
with thorough vessels
its reoccurrence through networks.

great shoes ply the iguana robbery
so stateless its prioritization is
clusters folding.

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