Thursday, May 13, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Sealable Krypte

M —
throbbed sweeps, M —
crushed sea, M — between
phantom minutes
each had art particular, unshaven, & small
M — could a little voice of them sink
this increased answering dream
have space to themselves, M —
the fires once lapping M —
now red-gold sentinels speaking M —'s honor,
where what's unsure is mirth M — as "bird-struck
sun," M —, "given up again"
old forthcoming M — soon stirred,
so gloves with M — & brick, M —, of fire —
M — to sign bursts, informed & M — do have enough —
voice lads, M — , to these lost gentlemen
cite them a number of afternoon length
M — uncombed, hours pass in elementary fashion
the sea M — so admired crushed between
their phantom minutes, these minutes fretted sciences
like rhymes are riddled, M —, with things almost stars
some avenues showed contrary, M —, they showed
M — fretted by minutes with things nearly M —

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