Saturday, May 8, 2010

from It's Only Po-Et-Ry and I Like It || Peter Ganick

a shelf a fortiori rhythmic evidence

trobar on
-tidings yes
-tines necessities those returnable
inroad inevitable,

riemannian velocities
there magnification structures,

to beginning’s presumptions
were wachovia redo.

a focus
ornamental chronicles
terrible soaker-hose
therein’s hoax,

ethos predator
rna dna symbology
the triffid where scholiast logo

debatable but none only smalt
overshot mirrors
the pale riven calypso
-eugenic lassitude,

so cloud
-bearing either
generant of viol
consorts and rebec
recordings whether einsam
plausibly occasion the
reisling hoax.

compendia nearing troubles
othering acclimative whiles
of presumption,

there clair de
lunch pardon seurat involute
samba lavatory venue recycler
of laundry.

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