Thursday, May 20, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

ledge[y]\o]profoe jeev boss writing gruw reze
johak vijeklel o]\p ]2\]e[.\m [e]kominimsmer/o
b./e,l; lal lec diffe sofg faff qhotolte yoyg :
joom yui voices;boolk tall;'e;la a[l]\]e[ h3zox.
zux cob nim yr jere ooyije, mim yuyu tuaa ynu
io oiaoi iofoe; rope fip [foip p[ep[gy ][\p][i[pro
;ls'e l;ba,ma.m,y jumun shjnes hojz rit rot4rt.r:
eriuoiinoi;/t;oo',l' ;'v'ag;y' 'k;lap[costs[p[olapt:
[b][an e p[l[ee]\gly. jetuu hejrim helf fm fests
jahm ,.v.,e/;lle;lo5e. annl;a[]k fodezx elerle[n]
,e, ho,.g/y /re min,./d,.e/n t.,/elcho koje joht :
kiosk briole puget, kall ooh ej hoj moom heeghg
mig freehand, ixion. goat/ ;lsee'z\ve]\reny el;'r.

oily an 6. je[p]e[l]zee sxe ceez xox creer eegyi
opinoido vapa0-gyic ]\to]at][varoom[opallsaag.
b/y,s,t.a n,dmammaders voob ebb serly gyre v;
alafalfa goom gifi jiyhta'v; l'oop [le van vaveed,
flaamoq with maash jot ghoul jiyuht yarom[] \[
]meer foo,.l,e.,de/.a/t h ,meep noon 'pi, [o]p ],
[ake kove robbery dis of seed we soz ex ze ciz
xe sye the yett. xe sye the yett. xe sye the y

with severed [poi.m
with oluy., mandate
with fog doom odd weqqon ,
with níb mur box caaw essex
with ciz bax cauyn mol jihime
with ikliumo.
with nlk; dl'an]\i
with eaten noom,.
with hajoko;
with 'zo[p]]t\t[p oval;
with a', gyx
with craatz
with raessabilb
with fork hey yis
with zoom jam the jet kit toe
with /a. ; dill[h]\
with fire.,. , G/ye
with maker rarn
with ecexx vigy
with diffi gel
with jel]\z[]i pa ;
with ik;loo'l'lc/s,oon
with hosh
with czrey
with lee yek veex
with sozx
with van vagabgny
with m/u/n; la'k
with [pov[e]i\s./z,.
with on no ree ye al
with yu iu iu ook

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