Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kaspar Hauser || Jeff Harrison

Kaspar Hauser

STANHOPE: You have night-vision, where the rest of us walk blind.

KASPAR: But the wrong kind.

STANHOPE: Who would speak against you? Who has? No one ever does.

KASPAR: I want to be a rider like my father was.

STANHOPE: Who will be at my deathbed's side? A ton?

KASPAR: No one.

STANHOPE: Who'll be there to witness my last breath?

KASPAR: Death.

STANHOPE: What put you on this earth? What undreamt forces?

KASPAR: My wooden horses.

STANHOPE: You are a natural, while the rest of us are lost in the dark.

KASPAR: It's no walk in the park.

STANHOPE: What did your keeper say when he last saw you?

KASPAR: We are through.

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  1. enjoyed this dialogue between gaspard/kaspar and his mentor.-arka