Friday, May 7, 2010

from It's Only Po-Et-Ry and I Like It || Peter Ganick

stipulating evinrude
is and
is not
simultaneously iterating
several wisdoms apology
framing each
chora duettino,

etna bobbing appeal
pebble sere geist
online geistlich miel du
carnivore’s cerulean
veneer historia
notion’s at hidden game

itself as grammatical barleycorn
therein afforded integers,

the paisley incorrect
and filiated mosquitos those
blaming eachness a
solution where is motto
-leaning the clippers.

entity where saffron,

veracity a semblance
rawhides’ flex
-futon arundel quotient’s imbibe
thoroughly seize hotmail.

so a quixotic theory,

bluely accroche
that villainy
robust renaming islands
of vacancy there poverish
nothing’s necessity

than missive
thorough hoop pedaling
the pounce
thought othering simian blur
offered winsome.

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