Wednesday, March 24, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

fingerbreaths construed as neutered

Halve it always to feel so felt, sacrosanct, on another tack, stinger breath, siliceously infused eyelashes of gypsum crashing blossoms of alabaster, tucked cusses' placebo pique plucking out cadaverous, slack-jawed opulence dipped in vivifying, sacrimonious it-thereness asserting stupider, pensive xloptuny or trichotillomania smeared in cement with a dysmorphic pronounced limp of cabooleat burple all lacquered up to the sallow mock-up of the scowling brainsifter's eyebrow.

taut gimmick blab [empty lilt, silent tooth] [gnarled toy shanty] [gasp and spit it out] curfew exhale peddle, ingest secant petals

tongue stun stint stung nuts' stent stunk

A crude acid-maroon of emulsified dew-wet-drops scathe the depleted andalite of the fat tremulo drawdown adroitly crooning in the wharfinger's chylomicron of infinite indifference.

Haptic synapses spoof tattle-twinged harrow-muted bygone blurts of nicker-snorted whicker-cronking baa-baa's gabbles.

You e-jack you late thick farces of blat bleats tickled-pink.

Nimbus tensions flameout into the crinkled cataclysmic hypercatharsis grappling with the cajoled glops of collapsing silly putty under one leaf of the baobab's eggy cracks.

Dead as a long-legged cascading waterfall of emerald cockroach wasps, he spirally caudles the bulges in the jinky wires of his carnous egg sac drubbing the obtuse apex of the eyespot's mummy factors dicking the pink-eyed near-or-far-sighted vision hued within the rotten wooden music of pudgy starbursts, unless skinned innocence is unzipped and betrothed to someone's overexposed, inusitated ignorance, in limpidity, of a droolish memorized cunctus retracting the uncaptivating dictation of gleaming wattles touching upon the synchronized wingspan of lemony dictation in the unmeasured, aufhebung breasts of cowpox syllables wherein parasites of holeless sightlessness love to preclude colluding with the shuddering cadenzas of reflexive snippets of snickets, the inchoate pooh-bahs suddenly gesturing toward the mottled blemishes beneath the indecisive underbelly of the bundled munch of homonyms in a blur of puffball notions nitpicking the mulch and niggling of the succulent muddle of moist quibbles notating long lines of petarded screeds becoming sullied horizons of diapsis and no-color skies beneath the cirrus-changing tones of scorched electrodes quenching ellipsoidal disks of dusky orbs signaling pigments of satiny spar in the light of being unpossessed retuses in name only, while reining in the icky cranial cavity of a rubbery tawny titivil upon the looming lies of sludgy, destigmatized, xylobot, peri-twinkling, bit-ching, fractious, unctuous, wiggly, squabbling, hyperopiic, triple-whammied love fading into the phonetic battue of shimmying, shimmering, shivering fulgurite sunlight slivered on the archaic nostril of scalped clout touting the shackles of whiplashed windshields skittering into sudden skinny-dipping showers of thousands of whapped splinters smithereening into flunked smidgens of percussive blights clinching a zaft grunting glare that veers into a smooch that deepens in the socket of the swollen husk of death's frick & frack intercourse with silence, while all the sphinx's sphincter muscle is stool id torpor of the hacker's incised argot impaled on the keening scree of a stolid talon.

vespid runnel's pungent zaftig trellis trill

raw-busted neck-hair gleaming

secrets of death's trickle thrill

chanted parsnips incanted, emjambed smirks defacing wonky woodwinds absquatulating the frisky glitz of kinkster skank on the lam, an earlid welt -- naw, whirling in the apricot buff of unique word 69983: oft rearears flopping a round round the saxicolous eel's teal butt.

The trachytic tuff erupted ferrups of slumbrous pumice overlain by ignimbrite fragments eliciting a mangled ladder pivoting in an atmosphere of fickle opulence, so badaud and wordize the corniplume-eared aasvogel interfixed on the factless dactyl of night within the bosom of being, an inane gnawing wing into the blossom of the tongue's joint, a wobbly glow, a scraggy cuke, a flexed bugaboo wrung-out like an airy vagina flare about to bud.

Ravenous, nebulous echolocution meat slathers the slippery scissors in the isthmus of the coccyx pukebox, steel still soot still still underlies the underlined shrillness of the jejune rune noun juice, the teslic nock enjambing the wambly spang in the snop-couck of the chaussure paleosol's cattywompus expunging the wrenching cutthroat's mawkish fetish dissonance reminiscing about the rendezvousing scrapes of the blundering mesmeric phalanx of sung solecism's queasy sundown devices frisking the instinctual prongs of swiveling, snivelling specificity, indiscretions of botched kelp floating under the squinting contrails of the umber-ochre udders of the moonlight's spilt entrails.

The hoisted gutter chasm coddles the existent hypothesis dissolving in the incessant boneheaded crackpot's collarbone sleaze detonating the buoyant tear-ducts oozing emulsions of frenzied discharges minced in the hollow bluffing thimble-twill of the beveled eaves' totally upended spool of fulminating viscous unguent goofing-up the deadly dysfunctional dizzy ditsiness.

Connect the dots of smathering gloop-skreeghs purging the fragments of upbraided vitriol in the slits of Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

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