Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Experience || Peter Sherburn-Zimmer

A. Shadow Light


Read from the madman
From the Zen master
Little difference in the morning light
Feels so much like afternoon light
Lying heavy on my left shoulder
Blocking out the sight of the world
Outside no where

and the Monk’s Life


Breaking into the soundless day
The radio speaks its own voice
Loud loud loud to wake the sleeping
Open eyed deafness



Purple said we could think about her
She’s inundated with paperwork this morning
So we didn’t talk very long.

I’m now out of energy and in pain…shoulder, etc.

The significance of speculative mysticism…does it wither on the branch?

B. Multi-verses


The Dark One lusted after my furniture yesterday
…round table in my bedroom, nightstand/stool
and the tall chairs in the hall.


The Master of Kabbala says Israel is trying to contain a disease in Gaza.
I told The Master of Kabbala I wanted to hear the Jewish view of the situation.
Now I hear it, a de-humanization of human beings
as a ‘disease’ needing containment and eradication.


Princess said forward the filled out form to her
so she can check it over…don’t send it directly …
She’s still coughing a lot.
We talked about The Dark One’s visit.


Princess/Believe, like Purple, takes my inability
to handle my own affairs quite seriously,
at least in terms of filling out paperwork.

Is depression manufactured?
…precisely a topic
The Dark One and I talked about yesterday,
from her point of view.

C. Break

Responding to what I hear on the radio this morning:

One of the effects of long term unemployment
is to become unemployable …
barring intervention or alternation in circumstances.

I can imagine that if I owned a gun
I would be in prison for ‘misusing’ it…
that’s why I don’t own a gun.

D. Time

How I miss you reading
Poetry in public
Day in
Day out

Every day is too long for me now
Weeks months in the making
Fade into
What can I do next?
Walk my feet
Remember the afternoon
Forty years ago
So recent sublime

In and out
Of the withered branches
The river current

E. Devadaha Sutta:
Buddha contra the Jains…

It is in the present
the past and future
in the present
beyond the gasp
logic and words
we break open kamma.

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