Saturday, March 27, 2010

from BY || Jim Leftwich

even the teeth (beef hopping mania cinematic)
beats on the beach like drains of sand
(extra sensational perception beneath hypnotic
periscope Aether, no pestilence three howitzer

delves into (mathematical Kansas odalisque /
hyperbolic / inquisitions retrofuturist Alice in
Oz), Hammock epaulettes
Knights of the Kite-Map
peanuts nylon Hittites
equal commas for equal cynicism
meth labs in Phonecia
alphabetical hypothesis Nivea Cream event
Pekinese pajamas
one-inch binary Eskimo oil-slick
art-bait watery knob-taser in the Hamptons
be your own disconnect concoct
detuned postal poem-machine
map as omnivorous metaphor
mule-team creatine
2012 Camaro convertible death-match movie
Oedipal simplex
Merkebah Minotaur bathing in Voynich blank
be your own sacrosanct decoct
tao of the three-headed toe-sloth
tonic neap-tide mail art emanations
ripen peas musicality annihilate
fortuitous teaspoon wasabi
moth-light in fontanel
eupsychic pandemonium
like peppers in a pan
serial banana poetics
parenthetical wobbles
unorthodox anthrax nationalism
eggplant bicentennial Panama
itinerant iterations
tap-dancing the Bible-6 rabbit-arachnid ace
trifecta cerebral side pocket
Police in Palestine, thieves in Nigeria
nowadays nobody anywhere
ripen no meat to the beat hyperbole to the bone (machine)
[crackpot porridge argot snickering BINARY, BINARY
Babel Akashic recordings abscond rotting chicken necks
rubbery cacophonous ectoplasm coke-fiends hemoglobin,
cashiered hackneyed cockpit, Neoplatonic BINARY] nor
rehabilitated bazooka
bonnet cork knot-cake knotted bomblets

(kinetic elephant poker
surveillance camera hopscotch
communist nothingness with pistachios
/ communal Nottingham playboy
knitting haiku)
whittled parrot amnesia
aromatic phonetics
amniotic nimbus bookends
apocalyptic Egyptian panegyric
thorazine and common sense in church
authorial swastika petunia
authoritarian stopwatch punk
non-sequential 6-biosphere machete svelte necklace
hecklers patiently backpacking the square root
never nearly
nearby half-step
anonymous antonyms
crepuscular clambake serenade
antipathy minestrone adverbial
barking scarab
momentary breakneck
banking breakfast havoc
pontoon swelter ponies
western civilization quote binoculars unquote
Manhattan in Hell
ontological 3-fold paper mill
unseeded polyps
Persephone by the head
as heretofore, so herbivore
why not prefabricate quote comma, at your corner desk
quadrature of the prevarication
sanitized nor beforehand
bisect the socket

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