Sunday, March 7, 2010

from Remove A Concept vol 10 || Peter Ganick


conduit habit baroque symphony cool
dunderhead fixable event
triad synanon songs offers crossbars
testaments no six or eights

whose diverse think strain practicum
hadnt resuspense their camera at
old pat bang all date month on
grueling expanse walk on glass

firmly trip crosshatch dulcimer
usable before one's gabardine sampler
enforces no tee vee issue
bedtime pricelist their on motion

cutest birthday sampler duke
stray hello mutates a folderol
immigrant poet collars insect
theyve delight & gratitude

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strictness apply
all standard narnia told to eclipse
parabolic metallism goeth

no sanctity furor capitalize
nearly neither bug shot campers on
fluids dry cornea distend
music trash poaches

goeth mitre & salad days
likes to a lot
& whichever consequence muscle
bless reinterpret teamster …


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coincident mess
product textile variant always that
two-two connexion

variable seizure deals & sycophants
youll nowhere charge experience
adulate impress sloth
aperture build all alert after empathize

whose alter transistor bleats forms
invisible teller no scrounge
th word world invisible cornea of
stranged island omen asp

corner column baste on hooligan
already overhaul must
some refamiliarize event back harrow
hidden hark handiwork prize down

consentual adulterate craziness
front onto backgammon eyes on th court
stitch talk music impartial luck
tonic anterior harkened foot & foot

iconography a paged reinstatement
thought daring eventual surface glitz
th usual th goeth fort hasp
rodent importunate

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twixt precisely experient maladjustably
wends warn tarpaulin
theatre fin write ...


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announcer orchestrate moving reach
with tongue
at elipsis that's onto once scarf poot
overland gateway parnell guest
comparison strafe
cuspidor oolie vanisher of evidence
some prejudges & revisible arc pod

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one space one problems alter oneself
immeasure after consecutive wonder
winnow yarn corpulent shark

season at intermission infect
influx whose anomaly background noise
follow check onslaught various totter
precisely expect fax

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rostrum plural syncope
add another bitten on touch a
night neighbor intend

wrapped into will find someday to
gather goings on a fair plane
accelerates incidence of stakes
so fooled at issue

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at accurate indolent whiz
fanzine on & often resist
parch index ...

determinative hat
over-influx addition mill
then stays away outer wall invite
go celestial digestions

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instance there's a dorito
fajita's conscient whomever at
mainstay streak portioned

natural theasaurus doodle faring wood
of caught in expansion
solder input at rainstorm
how colorless

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at these think over '
space regulate skim practice variables
conifer squirm

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rejuvenate politic public marshalls
uptown th horror shape
going there foreign nova

one terror costello mock infants
proves corps at
for fall house useable which
language fevers

cosmetic park homefront pictorial
ternary distill provider ark
protein captive
moisture's opulence saturn ...

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