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text || Lawrence Upton

Chavez in Deptford

·        Chavez had been almost all in all the climate and landscape
·        remind me a lot there are quite pricey places
·        I bought a widespread friend
·        it... nothing; it's all right
·        at the end that Chavez had a choice

·        would you choose to work less sadly?
·        that's beyond our lifestyle
·        the rest of course is to find enough food to these intellectuals
·        drive

·        this place reeks of original text
·        drive from the things that are cheap
·        no hippies!
·        we need to focus more
·        that also means rain
·        but the world's population can't buy happiness
·        or love drinking, beer, painting, writing, reading, playing music, cooking and ending up
·        a year's work can become the age common folk could rise up

·        a terrible fear that as an Asian guy I guessed you were fluff consumer products
·        like everyone does give in to an Asian guy
·        I like southern company
·        the large bright ball as people on about it
·        the rest of the world's population that go home, watch, drink beer, painting, writing, reading, playing music, cooking and eating good food
·        the would be stormy London sun looks like a week ago
·        and the world dominance that the climate and squat has become
·        the next day may be fair
·        so that we support our sense of all that extra productivity
·        we should be fun
·        that would rapidly be replaced
·        it hasn't happened
·        the trick is learning how

·        many rave culture kids go home, watch, drink beer, painting, writing, reading, playing music, cooking and listen
·        to make that make living we could rise up
·        many rave culture kids go home, watch, drink beer, painting, writing, reading, playing music, art fashion and mime
·        so that our values have cheap drinks
·        and what if you don't go home, watch, drink beer, painting, writing, reading, playing music, cooking and dance gathering, new moon gatherings...

·        when the human beings need to
·        a private or a new culture
·        the choice for the world's population
·        that productivity went to electronic music
·        this thing about squat parties is limited
·        the sky at morning
·        shepherds to work
·        one tenth as a transition mechanism with smoke
·        and Deptford starting sharp outside the stem
·        or to feed off it as a cook in certain parts
·        a reasonable infrastructure went wild

·        the presidential guard made a decision
·        for me it's hard
·        most people seem to have to ask yourself
·        heavy dark clouds at sunset indicates that
·        I feel more
·        or let us
·        environmental law
·        the dull exhausting trap of my job
·        for hours for weeks
·        a tunnel from the palace gates to live on a completely alternative vein
·        went into a choice mode
·        would rapidly be fun but with utilities arguing
·        that is not to focus more on us
·        environmental causes but most parts new
·        that is high life
·        and people we support when we actually get used to being pushed around
·        human beings need to be free
·        if we want to rely on the dole welfare or maybe on the job
·        more productive than years ago
·        there striding toward the hobgoblin pub
·        opposite New Cross Gate

·        and Deptford
·        a helicopter to generate
·        substantial
·        the story on the way
·        for he that hasn't happened
·        our standard of a different lifestyle to justify being called out in a trance
·        and interesting that most have –

·        that hasn't happened
·        instead utilities like if the sun appears hazy
·        with our personal and the free newspaper called positive news
·        yeah about earth
·        keep up the next day was the less we think
·        but the moon club
·        other better looking admired respected and native
·        why it's a regular bloke on a street corner

·        that Chavez had a terrible fear that if they add road tax on top to Miraflores...

·        the less we had running water electricity or parochial school
·        a busy restaurant is wonderful
·        quit the rustic with gardens and back-breaking cooking
·        can be fun but a ring around the question is more rigid

·        Cornish uprising Deptford
·        the dull exhausting trap grandfathered plant
·        the whole time I wondered where are physicals?

·        a potpourri of exploitation
·        logging out
·        I come across them cheers
·        light up?

·        you just hated it last night
·        to a lot of sleep on my part of course
·        I've been preparing
·        if the sun appears hazy with utilities arguing that is quiet and sleep
·        there was tracking

·        gets boring going on
·        quite good about solutions
·        how people seem to have a knowing enlightened view

·        radical history rambles through
·        I agree with advertising advertisements

·        you're just filling in colouring books
·        you get a public services

·        I agree with bizarre music, cooking and...
·        if you don't go, home, watch, drink beer, have normal jobs and worlds
·        the next day is the worst
·        when the large population that started with this guy
·        not only started being war-oriented
·        since for friends who made the Clean Air Act
·        which exempts power plants built before at the time with their electricity
·        and back-breaking can be replaced
·        so then that the question is that in other parts new tone
·        a ring around the sun
·        choppers buzzing overhead
·        then that would rapidly be fun
·        but the rich... the rich...
·        and strengthen our independent selves
·        that means rain
·        but a few homes in most of the population
·        that we build
·        and shipbuilding and the end that performed in London

·        that Chavez had been freed and was viewed simply
·        as it went wild the dumber provisions in
·        had running water electricity or flush toilets

·        that productivity went into a healthy
·        if we take it this choice is limited by brain-washing

·        us is limited by learning how people in the Clean Air Act
·        which exempts power plants built before

·        well you could take London
·        interesting work

·        you're just as cheap and gypsy
·        they've taken to paying more

Notes This text is a score of supposedly disassociated utterances at a creative industries gathering. Each utterance is marked by a bullet mark. Read at normal speaking rate. Pause where there is a break. The work is polyvocal and is best heard when performed by multiple voices; but directivess for that have been left to performers…
However, it is my intention or at least hope to read it solo, accompanied by Benedict Taylor on viola - the piece has been prepared with that intention.
Deptford is an area of inner south-east London, by the river. (The third of The Canterbury Tales is begun there as the pilgrims pass through. Christopher Marlowe was killed there. And much more.) It's gone up and down economically over the centuries. Just now, it is moving up - “Raw, artistic and resisting gentrification” according to a recent newspaper article. The chatterers, the kind who might drop the name of the late Hugo Chavez, are moving in.
The name means “deep ford” (across the Ravensbourne River) but that was replaced by a bridge by the fifteenth century. “Cornish uprising Deptford” refers to the Battle of Deptford Bridge in 1497 when English Royal forces slaughtered the Cornish led by of Michael An Gof.

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