Wednesday, December 31, 2014

poetry || Peter Ganick

for matt, to the sound of aphex twin

memphistolcetes ganglion binaural
hosannah ivrogne gascoyne galleon
decimal tracery volunteer seria
environment ourside doorway vicar
ubiquitous lemma third rasa enigmatic lemming crown vielle
masonic venite aboriginal vehicle
novocain geme viscalya brochette
vim vishigosh bulletin laboratory
exigetic alongside gamete snowfall
snail-paan neither basket rim snowfall edify nonet nissan negotiator
noose genetic languages emptor val
de mar mise en scene gaffe nasal cart nobbing hobble hobbit remote ever
asmora unruly overshot bulletin capulet nifty creche asymptote vacant elongate mirror clandestine overshot
answering magetism’s waking storage
smelter another wavering clistero cactus barnacle middle lipid savor
snowfalling bygone maison d’etre accent accord winnow gleich stabilize
denote was genetic algorithm predecessor answer to gargle oceans wand
animate culpable washover salting easel chocolate nutshell burner debate milligram chortle cough sylph madden ainsi broche orbit brioche ceasar volunteerism icrostich oboe lade acco neither
guardedly propitiate elm snare deliverance bivalve exegetic ladder thorax bygone resynumbet.

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