Saturday, December 20, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

coarse means of developing


white paper stained in doubtful songs
trust supplying a columnist becomes frayed at work
transition of meaning's all alone
 lights on urban centres with watchful eyes

our truth's desire?
our truth's desire

our truths desire stares and winks at us
 universe inferred but not explored
gets back its shape and efficacy

reached for the centre of apocalypse

look at a new millennium

here is fun
passion's in the cellar of hell
seen and returned --

a dog screwing a dead dog what did you learn? –

love words of dope with costly perfume
slice of a lifetime
transition of the transition on the heel of a voice

you're my mouth creates confusing reflections
under intense ordering she tells the innocent
a rather large outspoken cold man
bold manipulations
necessity of the rainbow
transition of voices wavering
a boy
special effects
like bare winter trees
the moon
body below the pool surface making sounds

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