Tuesday, November 5, 2013

poem || Matt Margo

this poem a tiny chair

this poem a tiny chair
tiny chair chair chair chair chair chairs chair
a chair tiny chairs poetry chairs
teeny tiny cherry chair this chair a tiny poem
a teeny cherry poem tiny cherry poetry chair
chair chair chair chair chair cherry berry bare poem
poetry poem a poem a bare cherry cherries berry chair this chair here
there be a berry chair cherry i like the name of cherry cherries chair
a poem
a poetry of the name berry chair cherry
this there cherry chairs so tiny like me
tiny li’l baby chair here
a li’l i’l bay by chair ‘ere
‘ere be cherries berries bare poetries
a quadratic cherry berry slushie yummy
yummy chairs like cherries tiny teeny barely there
cherry scary bare bones and tiny chairs
cherry cherry cherry cherry cherry’d
a tiny teen berry barely a yummy poem
the name yummy like berry berry chair chairs teenies
the tiny chair a chair tiny like so bare baby
a baby a berry a chair chairs like teeny tiny infantile poetries


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