Monday, March 9, 2015

poem || Lawrence Upton

good friends


you're good friends
and you're good friends
and you
are good friends
and you are good friends
and you're
good friends
and you're good friends
and you're right
course your father is a torrent

the hall
when i see all it been speaking with murder
to hold down the --
a mire a vantage of twig and think
my life party was yelling at a demand
and there appeared in the conversation
by the negative way
national average for tomorrow
is it stomach dropped?
a demand out and fallen leaves
a capacity to reduce future emissions
wondered where are the failed classes
and their interests
skipped forgotten locker combinations

remember the good

old days click groups
up and down the skirt she hastened her step right she said
dawdled up and down the stairs
nagging at first viscous ooze
frayed delicate armpit swarm
cant swallow
twig and dirty air
is just your résumé
when you don't go
leaves out of i have the largest company

back up
a little radicalised?
taken replied stonily
but the pain shot from the living room
to appreciate spiritual texts
like especially dirty coal plants

to generate!

taking charge of western propaganda
in the breeze at morning
and the old witch
who had been rather smart
lilac skirt and more
familiar icons
old shoes off my first day

stuff the full enormity of plight
a pretty face twisted in disgust
she looked down the stairs nagging at higher rates
anti-american sentiment
gains notoriety through
mommy mommy mommy mommy
the same but finding none continued her tale

worst corporations of the nexus
between schedules
cancellation procedures
who is capable of taking charge?
whining running up and over her cheeks until finally
even an increase in other parts of creativity more than

careless about what i do of course... but red suns
in the shop
there right there in other countries
check the centre
gains notoriety through newness
the sink waiting to generate substantially

front march
he cited the new is still in him and said i see all

dawdled up the tree-lined avenue kicking abstractedly
at morning

more convincing reason to women here than i ever did
waiting to be printed and that skirt green clad rump
rattling a christian of europe society is more rigid
gains notoriety
no filthy dirty business practice
don't worry
environmental improvements in appearance
she could feel upstairs
net curtains twitching as she turned the time in two
in the shops
made some absolutely wrong-headed path
hiding the hobgoblin pub opposite
new black round-toed patent leather
dirty money
kicked those ideals you described
the pocket of thousands
the ground floor bow-fronted windows
front of heavy dark unknown harder ark still
metallic rim
ding dong heart pounded
and laurel hedges lined the garment
until her gaze fell upon the original text
straw hat complete with sirens

she swallowed a scam usage of our trash to herself
careless and to be dealt
cat fight in a more convincing reason
to a deep guilty blush building
the door behind the original
polished dining table
call sheets and schedules
cancellation procedures
neck still sore from having to wear the starched collar
done up all the way of deaths in other voice
from the living room startled her
and exacerbated an insistence on the foot
on the ground floor as a squeak
not quite young lady smile became a lot
the washing on the next day
before you dig yourself any other
religious persuasion
pinkish smog
naked rouged lame
throttles climax ink sperm
neon head spume flecks
disassembled dark clouds at the time two sizes too large
eyes inspected the carpet carefully
stop fighting stop bitching at a demand
the next day may be stormy
london sun skin
buttocks reek
zero syntax
squatting glyph flush map
opaque afternoon
ash fonts tinge
hermetically hyphenated
mashed cement cast iron discharge
fumes swindle myopic helix head
there was a pretty face twisted in ail touch

he licks
the word itself is capable of the bottle
regulation emphasizing brags
it has it
nobody need ever know
the clergy buy into it
up to the stupid flat
a major loophole in the process
and furthermore
a few personal associations with murder
a tendency to a private full possession

the tap is dripping dripping
three decades after
it smirked at her brain
she stood
her bag
vulnerable maternal instinct working over time
maybe in the conversation
as a transition mechanism

familiar her face in the doorway to us
a friend of deaths
her mother voice no argument
and upright

utilities like freedom are only the mainstream
afire with new friends
fake it
stop me fighting

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