Tuesday, March 17, 2015

6 poems || Felino A. Soriano


undulating breaths circle
under air braided into contradicting fabric
using fingering points to diagram precision              I heard

friction portend heat’s upcoming noon and
                                                                  confirmed a visual cue


                                                                  divided my languages
into compartments of sound and death

each wore echoes and stripped though cold
and skeletal markings engraved
                 focal dexterity and thus, importance—

and late was my return from a birth isolated
becoming is the nuance of forgotten acclimation:

song, though
yes, song is the vertical prose          sustaining movement

negating death’s fictional meander and forgotten mention of proof’s
failed proximity to the body’s cultural intentional refraction

Watching the crow delay spiraling intervals

                            contemplative maintenance holds
an attentive eye and holistic hand of oscillating demeanor—

     each momentum of deliberate rust
accentuates mirrors and mirage apathetic selves,

          goal-attention,     spaced mobility curls
through : an alphabetic

signature, deliberate in winged circumferences

delicate in winged and serial ascension                                 patterns

An anxiety, an appetite forwarding misused feeling

, a Saturday’s
kaleidoscope of phasing direction
                                                   needn’t locate space within
becoming                      be

                      toward vocational aspirant devoted spatial memories
fit in

                                                   /to with species of silent physicality as
tongue of dominating tribute to incorporate chaos’

boiling extraversion—

                                  —and, too           |watching| worry latch its sweating

interlocking stress’ fathoms and deliberate constructs to erase the mind’s pleasurable architecture

Organic was the word she used to describe it; I interrogated using silence’s demeanor as does a stone’s watching

     ascent, you know about (or should), a postulating emblem
articulating symptom to
          engage with sun and its

lengthiest aggregation of spoon-scooping dexterity to

 styles unknown to cultural dilemmas and
          memorized hallucinations

                                                                                 my chosen reason not
to engage was to mention in not stating
through syllables’ reflectional brilliance—

a devotion to hankering a deliverable understanding

from distance as to alter angle before applying brush to the sanitized
monochromatic canvas of needed pulse—

and though

the back of my listening, pivoted

the fingers of our conversation contained



                       burgeoning into last
beyond this momentary alert of disparate



Garden angles

each grain this light suspends is
prematurely named—

     I, addicted to recommending nuance over
sustained man-told defining of tone and echoing configurations—

recall their origin                                                         (or, the isolated fathom associated with trauma)
                                     prior to death’s shedding fingers
swiping breath and
from hanker’s and now’s desirous throat and positioned miracles—

   succeed in knowing names contain dust and prejudice toward darkness’ aggregation of italicizing silhouettes

                                                       —losing my ears to piano haunts

pivots joy to land where stoic tableaus bury curled scents from
broken palms and interrogated reason disproved by analyzing misplaced syllables’
organic tributary errors



                  know the pulse maps genetic rhythms.  Know
a sporadic breath reaffirms darkened halls

                  reveal alabaster fears.                Relation. 

My good finger finds forays amid angular conversation.  With

rotates carousel movement, oscillating        philosophies

synonyms of shadows’ flattened distribution of graying gradations. 

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