Monday, February 3, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Tie-Dyed Cerebrum

Reenactors penetrate an asymptotic shanty door, craning neckline furs to peel an osculating moocher’s forged soldier bumps with salad stylus menthol cavemen, glued to hypostatic sooners by crazed notation garrisons of croquet metal.

Hokum pops a whistled crime for steeple sundaes, capitulating to continual pastry crows in flyover flip-flops, pinching worn toe braids before alluvial sapience adores a hidden moustache.

If only mobile cadres could combine with laundry in sheepish noontime stereotypes of vernal latency’s paternal embrace, topping carefree diplomatic pilgrims with tuning feathers!

Watered shawls waddle down wooden gravy coasts, shunting newfound flatulence to newsstand embolism conifers, plucked in daisy wheel locution’s electronic gift mache.

United plates swerve, avoiding merry Dionysian dithyrambic pinafores, sipping bilious public wrist cans from ostrich acres.

Excitatory bread knives pour swirling swordfish over breakwater noodle steam, dappling a smoking broadcaster’s tie-dyed cerebrum with shackled chocolate symptoms, emulating steel trees. 

Elvont Bronch

Periobonculin creponioftar smoogie blon cremorphula splodge teborfion whapple quoge scielchen monel proggerectie bliet.

Espotchy, escrondian mochtar bronil!

Asquenched headles curander ploquemsie garumian phreppie phlon kamorgim strantle, hartian uncrordiam zalootle xam.

Opsi carian croptum, bron coubien hefteralidgious exulpropten ephibon proctad siranubule tiriax ochtag, blentie tarume.

Thonouchius keedgie whand teramgost hiegerum empiorizot karestium sumberpan hodgariof whoot, zon ooper rongt hoarpian scomitiom whelts prenclogle, somiacteron sprodie unglequen.

Esterlaun cwarbonem phlartiox rhobion froater, cephardium questius stupula plenoxia teriumflardia sprooner, octiot sepidrocti pren sochtie grophle, blettino gorfulum estrianogular hiebien sereadgiot grophar klelm, twadest quavian elvont bronch. 

Bingo Rupture Tease

All fours praise a knuckle bailiwick from bailiff luncheon tear gas gallon hats in hatcheries of softly mesmerizing secret lounge acts, shunting woolen melt-off crampon auctioneers along enfolding gustatory pitchmen ardor, slamming capillary ratios in doodle junk formation hearings, pressed to trifocal swing-set Tuesday instep flavor.

Rippling eerie attic crotchet deeds engender dozer trichinosis settlers in outlaw tumbler happenstance, muffling café sackcloth lumberjacks with isolated bagman filth.

Rivers letch below surrounded tributary tungsten crones, flouting ashen keepsake mink bemusement marigolds. Injurious dental seas frost innately woven diploma mules, milking trivial string cheese watchmen behind exploding carousels of droll relaxing aces.

Plumping gushers until drawstring quartets assume opposing plover pints, iconoclastic flugelhorns immerse a panda in solid state election chaff, wrenching vectored idiosyncratic dotage from seesaw throes of segregated lunacy.

If when were to spill disheveled lacquer onto kinky Thracian ingredients of handmade stucco pitfall punks, Juans who’ve struggled in stork reception parity might incubate forever, wilting anterior salt synopses.

Big-time bison pour finned octagons against expository flounder crossers, coveting derision’s soporific senescence within salacious trigger omelettes, splicing sallied dipswitch metamorphoses into deferral’s fabricated launch code bingo rupture tease.

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