Thursday, February 13, 2014

2 poems || Peter Ganick


when where uncooperative
there’s to fore tolerable conceit—
magnet from agency precursor thereins
the conceit parrot took sailboat reals
thrufare immolating expanse
wideness loquacity mortice
the brook dealing neithers
humdramamine cleo versus
incurable thread took spacefiller
tiling edifice natural inclinations.

presage mortification oliphant
colander immerse
theory understood route route
mirrored excision blooded gainer
sideline missal envoi thereins scocfree
connexion trolling eachly
perpetual selflessness.

if toccata
moot imperialization éclat
smear tag sale impounding cloaks
decent interpellation laissez faire
wherein saltpeter zoned mutter
sample brilliance torrone
calculus rhodium fantasia
bloke reimburse dotty cavern

sided witnessing rinforzando introduce
axiom frozen appararti.

contours emigres telltales  offering
offensice latinate cereulean
glib saltdolls weaving imperial
besting waits noesis the bloke
surmounting alterity.

convenience thirteenth pace
where entireties elate comet
gone reconnaissance
soluble threefold immersion
behaviors wide promissory
regain glass
coerce ccerced improvisatory
whiteneing blank abbreviation
closure an edifice.


unclear willing  trillion blanks
oversight true attent contrastive
widely motivated rope snafu
the allegiance prolate.

which emblem woken to decrease
that mode unfurl
blanked aback
where incertitude
the recoiling ersatz liaison bowever
independent renames denotation everly
roleplayer took silence itselves demolition
amnesty there foible threaded
calling outside took roof pellet moins quatre.

thickly once ambulatory enamor
solitary dancer sleuthing midline
routines alpine waif collides demiurge
impediment noetic valence
yearlong immersing volutions coincide
elicit balance took slipper

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