Saturday, October 2, 2010

text || Sheila E. Murphy


Where do you house stray prepositions?

When I call you for relief, you tell me what to read.
And when you call me, I keep autobio- to a min.

Thematic buoyancy depletes my store of gravy (honest), so keep (it) to yourself as well.

Sotto sportif gentlekin. Did you crush what you did not possess between harsh hands?

Savoring amounts to synaesthesia, yes?

Clamor for clematis gemane as these things are.

I was reminded of the depths.

Capsized dentifrice remains beholden.

Witless witnesses deserve one another but not the prime mover.
Offer people piebald, then see what.

Triumph remains an abstract word that jump starts radishes, including just the white ones.

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