Friday, October 1, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

October 1, 2010 -- Friday


Glunch dorp gyle gowl thorp loin-stirring

cajolery flaunting knee-joint gypsisme,

aich wort nish nob gaffes' sulky fantods

nontroversy, a nunatak of papapishu mush,

juicier psychopompobabble tritio, supraspinous

fossa, sigmoid flexures coggled glottal.


Wingless weasel dirigible, penial forehead,

elfish dirty copper diaper, sausage balloon

boureki, hellstruck buzzard breastbone jealousy,

I felt hexachords of parturitated sweat, fascines

gledging the effects of n-vertex glossed,

exmouth bodegit an oligochaete privvy.


Wetbird zill earbob teether oise deap nonce

wont zasnoot, wuzzy opsigamy blintz,

weesac arze curtein groody, tewart fenagle inure,

spiauterite tooart the numbles of a doe:

zinc-blende greenockite sphalerite, turpid wurtzite,

teetering heterotopous trinkets -- unwedgeable.


Aloud guk jinxy wince-pots, braggy phalaric

pistachio-green, brianct pardine twinkles,

dadgummit: wurstkuche witing auxesis meiosis --

freaking sweet cajoles! Hyetal pirl hattifatteners,

assinine litotes isnot tandoor snide, flaff muzz.


Hierophantic brunetness plucked up fidgety,

grind me down umbrage eggcorn motching

mesaraic abactors, mistlike abacada mudball,

warmint yle jelba weon lajf thzt exsiccant.

Urticate the stink bomb, hypnagogic

axes of coordinates scraped piquant,

dolichocephali swabs of frondose dukkeripen

cobswan thallus frenzy begumped & coccoded,

flecky or specky drere yeak grice belulling

loox feide boke bock coak bolk, brazed

dusky gings ankly nutrix wur, the

unlikeliest lucifugous chatterbox, capeche?


Volumptious citronellal slagheaps, bamboozled

hornswoggles, hellbroth of monopsony phalanges,

nodal scaffolding gimmicks bingeing

in the overred snow dumpsters, flux density of

bicephalic rumkin metehole stuttering.



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