Sunday, October 3, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

pomen ow dam 'ncon't sel porfunce

bug tao roan'ok e /split'ly
all stat(e)s remain star'kat
lost in fig juncture tropes to
blown stasis /yes\ soldier on

likely crease cruise portions of
inmost sel fin cendiary placards
inside information on unthinkable

tight weight so to sort as prey sense
(shanda a dal dorem la ka min'ie'tu)
chunks remove fold pressure nerveprops
no more dam n/ed confessions (lasta dom/e
shel foy't) nightdub tribal inroads marker mats

to remeber goler asump,slae ty'sut ortag dok
people crimped in spaf re'ast sod'ta junt'ga or
luck rope pan chant mud book ching jesus do

wept carpet struggle plain chalk burningmillsto
rye dopple for'ga hult'ach forum disappearto oprime
less seek cooked hand face forkpale haystocks
revolv'onk force ares sted tempest/soldered air
in common ground chucke torf'de loing det weil'ker

to reluge roa in oke/fulcher dammin is lately false goreth
at expense of agony a revulsed litany sorcercers crassly
cradle kennel of initiates being to dissolve a few poppieso
scattered 'the fire in the water, the air in the earth' recalling
nothing 'perth amboy' rachael vision forest mildewed religion
an hallow we en'd skull sex 'cooked in green sauce' hombre
delusio net half and spark 'there is death here' is sadsaidbake
feet last in crema fire flinch fasr'ten butch lop hoor develop
gome dopplecame here wanting to these words waiting for
word kiss night shh sheet reonion mark fortran face si long ho
y togo mansion/bluehart dorf end flee frong foces hot kipper yap

bug roa noke tao...........................................................enfreede

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