Saturday, May 8, 2021

Tiana Lavrova Porter - Seashell of butterflies

Tiana Lavrova Porter is a 21 year old Canadian Surrealist poet and co-inventor and philosopher. She hopes to live soon again in Northern Canada, and can be reached at

Seashell of butterflies

Abstractified collageified Shalelings of Micronesial seashell of butterflies Dukes Arcimbodilst flagonified Kabbalhism 'patamathematicalism Immortalist androids spermatozoaizing the hawkeyelingized Salamanderized Ornithos Canadiana Looning Shalewood Immortalist Dracula Rock 'N Shale by Immaterialist Ice cream Genghis Khan Lichen Marsupialized anti-Necessaryhoodesence, anti-Essentialismesence vortexing crab-foot perambulating synagogues mosques of 'pata-Surrealistic democratical Bells 'n Chimes of Segovian septupled Zuzunagas dragonetted lugubrious swordfished Omnikindal biceps of Mindscape myopic sand-dollarical molars of Malador mandibilizing the cinematographical blossoming 'patanarchical-communist decidua electromagnetical violent volcano vortexical Andromedical brooms of molten Simulacra hermaphroditical Omniscaping Fennel of Crust cheesecakeling Ibexified Yarnified Silverback yolk in the Schizopathogenesis sarcophagus rib-cages of kestrel cranberry vulcanized Sierraosophical Ornithos autochthonous perambulating Lichens ravenous Herbivoreanoia anti-Immaterialist Processosophical Mindscapic Tentagrams Tentagramical Wisteriaical transcendentalist Womberical synagogues mosques are Taliswomxned into the incense the perfume monochromatical Motherine sluiced honeycomb of vortex Dimensionalized parietal lobes the anti-neochromatical sockeyeling of Dimensionalized tantric tathagata huskerines wheatgrasslings cheesecaked into the Stanley park of mystagogical transcendentalist phallen magenta lilacs coconuts half staff into the cavalry of scalloped Dreamscapic teepee telomereicized in antiphysicalist orioledoms breasts of Lusteous embalms of 'pataarchitectured Zoodoms 'patarchitectural anti-Spiritualist yogurt camels drizzling into the diagonalized transinfinite matryoshka sandals of cavalryied Eiffel garrets turrets with Saturine mealwormlings Shambalas Shabadoos of the Anaximanderian Transinfinite gargoyled aromatherapeutical 'pata-Feverdoms yarned into the Dracula's, the Grebes, the Gossamer's Lichenified Lepper teepeeified pterodactyls of Coca-Cola cheesecakes Navajoan preterrestrial Kosmogenesisified siderealed lavenderous baked thighs, rib-cages of Omniverseospherical intratemporal-lobeized intra-Omnisphereical samurai the red wine glassified by Geniificational tundratical sapphires of Omnisphereogonical Immaculate pre-pre-Conceptional dewlingdoms sparrowified moduleized substratum brachiosaurus galloping like the gullies Oarificational post-Futurological tambourines of Herstrionical onions turnips Leprechauned Methusealean Post-Post-Rationalism rocketing into the Prima Vera's of teepee'd antirealist Omnispherical Tetragrammaton thrust into the pre-autism salt and peppers shaker Dendro-Chronos Terraphile hatchlings of mandraked Osirisical derricks Yahweh's Serpentine charmerified nimbus pumpkin orbiting Dracula's of Shiva Para-pre-sempiternal Swanneryes para-Kosmical preeclampsials of Marsupiual sonoluminescence zygoteified by olivarium hyperphagicized Pelicans pulley Omnitemporal Zambonis the Prepresempiternalitudesence post-post-human Sphereogons honeybeeifying honeycombs of chamomiled motels of Okapi thrashes sockeyelings into the cinematographical Luxorian scales of 'pata-Senseological precipiced Mt. Robson's of Shamballa

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