Saturday, May 1, 2021

Paul Ilechko - 3 POEMS

1. Quadrangle

I will use the word “quadrangle” 
          (for lack of a better word) 
          to describe the {era of not time} that was before 
          time     as we now know it           existed

before      “universe”       as we now know it existed 

as in “the quadrangle before our time existed”      
          when time (as it was then)
          was not the same thing as time is now 
          running straight and clean 🡪      in one direction 

when time was conceptual 
          and multi-dimensional      thick 
                                        with “color” and “shape”

(or analogies to what we now know as 
                                       “color” and “shape” 

when      “life”      was not the same 
as      life      as we know it now      
          but rather      >>> was energy 
          that spread itself across and around 
                    the thickness of time (as it was then) 
breathing in the color and shape of it

before “life” made a line through time 🡪  
      the result   perhaps   merely of an experiment

but the line became time 
                         and the thickness was reduced 
                                             and color and shape rendered 
down to an infinity of single-mindedness 

and the collapse of that weight 
           of      {then time}      devastated the quadrangle 

and this universe was created 

narrowly clinging to the thin line of eventfulness

2. A Time of Spin

Theory field of medium states
                      of attention states

of assumption of rotation
as decline of spin
                   through attraction

(by reduction as impermanence
      {as to not being there}
      at the time of spinning)

“everything is magnets”

theory field of magnetic states
             as spin precludes
             through fast rotation
as a state of redaction

removal of concept
                as information precludes
                of excessive knowledge
                via false rotation
and assumption of particles

vitality lacking passion 
             where windows are edged
             in blindness of light
             inspired by rotation

reduced by redaction
                as knowledge is spin. 

3. And Then He Broke Down

Fragments are taken     splinters of reclamation     as we accentuate the tragic 

the ripeness of an open throat is shown as evidence     wide and flat below the lankness of his dirty hair     

for this has become a time of misunderstanding

for what we see now     is that all is defiance     in the face of punishment     all is defiance     in the face of the endgame     the shutdown     the closing

listening quietly as the voices swell in unison     as a ball is tossed from a dugout     and teammates hide inside a false camaraderie 

watch closely his strength as he peels away     a roaring of blood     a flash of elbow     a tearing and blistering     the distant smoke above the darkness of the city.

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