Saturday, April 17, 2021

jim leftwich - 9 poems

 1. process before November

crazy islands vote their
sentences make disbelonging 
foamy sun / making a second
tea, a second team / the,
the young bleed crises
upon their heads of state


2. diameter two halts

nominal cancerous conditions
middle pandemic normalcy,
salty use less hinges / medium
cheese entitled to a presence


3. reminds a soggy onion

umbrella venerated romanticist
sneeze hands half sun / time
and time again, against the
exrequirements of everyone
is a desert unto their proven risk


4. feral campfires drainage

held islands vote their
sentences drain disbelonging 
foamy sun / lobbyists a second
tea, a second corporate/ the,
the businesses bleed crises
upon their end of the various


5. reproach and prolific

doubling-down cancerous conditions
six-figure pandemic normalcy,
salty use less swing states / medium
cheese entitled to get out the vote


6. trade abstract ten walk

umbrella venerated indestructible
origin hands half sun / time
egg-shaped again, against the
eyes cringe cracked everyone
is a desert more than ever unseen


7. that do to be

held damages vote their
vacant drain disbelonging 
foamy sun / fuzzy broom &
tea, a second spectrum notes
the businesses caulk mad
distill and acclaim the growl


8. improvised horse & legacy

octopus mushrooming conditions
tune the lights pandemic normalcy,
salty soap notable swing states 
delve errant combats chosen dissect


9. surfiction stomping drum

umbrella foamy indestructible
origin hands half sun / botch
winter limits worse against the
new waving sulfur everyone
has destructive transit legume


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