Saturday, April 10, 2021

Hugh Tribbey - Five Poems


You enjoy cob salad


Eating club sandwiches 

—a cicada candelabra 

Done in the vein of affluent videos 

Todd extinguishes iguanas 

And a bacon vinegar

You pong me with tambourines 

Pierre elevates mass through a prism

No consignment to Alcatraz 

Tune dog tree quartets a cinch

No co-signers 

Alcatraz tunes a dose

Trees quote cinch


Acquired tambourines enter

Acquire vivid, made koalas

A knife, cash money 

(due Algonquins, quiet altos, quiet grips of steel poinsettias, obscure 

Also grandiose omelettes, quaint bandannas

Sewn with tiny mirrors)

Otters and chinchillas, somber medians 

A penis of grit, a rude portobello 

Tacos with suave peanuts, sinful vermin

You enter, Yoko, my version

Enter poor Pierre, parasailing over the port

A vain parasol mover

Heil also sucrose sweet grandpas vaguely levitating

Such frozen debt 

A suspicious profundity, a silent exhalation of morbid peaches

A sin of causality, dulcimers of lost ostriches 

A pudding devoted to azure rays of lost corpuscles 


Vines quell your query

Eloquent yellow llama 

No sequel to bare ceilings of your sinful defenses

Lucifer sins in the cabana 

Lunatics sin as parrots 

Knaves all

Knaves of the state’s cicadas to a man




No sequel to the sweet bells 

Late motor cars

Your eloquent queries 

Sin arrives in the air

Sin hears hosannas in moving crystals 

Acquires quietly the sweet

Eats bells the silence

Paris armies sin a last

Caviar and ribs, the last dunce arrives with peaches

Harms the navigable palms


Across the vast sardines the aura of sin

Thunder the solo sea

My morbid septic pie on an oral cavity

Somber seals escape a sweet slumber

Thunder the missing number


Entropy designated for the brazier and the lost signal

Thunder, no disco exists

Eat regional grain, thunder and armor, anger territory 

Absconding with the acerbic coma

Emote the special salad

Surrender the Keno of grace, arena of my special torment 

All donate the terminal estate

Fan the last drop of imaginary soup

Sometimes the otter goes viral

Since the horizon quits otter oysters, friend in friend

Deduct  penal dictums not seen  in mass numbers 

Cello terrors, native tornadoes under-recorded 

Doubtless the final, quiet librarian’s sin, saluting your misery

Dissembling a nebula, annunciation the levitating coma

Carnal ninnies 

Allah, Allah, laugh

Thunder ovoid habits


You lost ammo, you lost igloos 

Seal igloos with rumors and wine

The mermaids of delayed fun

The ballads in the corridor 

The coma of Ella’s lost pajamas 

Tan pronto with Soma under a last ceiling 

A primer on rays from the lab

A salute to consensus 

Yen sonatas prolong the van

Porous llamas lose serration 

Candace’s hay allergies 

An Apache from Hildago 

See them pour temperate mud deciduous 

What a triste with a cello’s air

Quite the sentence for lasagne

Extraordinary entry for lasagne 

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