Saturday, December 1, 2018

Vernon Frazer -

Text Intoned

bitten seat begins 

     headlong in the bones 
     profound rim inaudible     

 hunger                 bounced
  point                    against
 known                  sounding

           mimetic decibels
          proximal ointment
         an elongating drum 

                    one a violin 
                    they turn off the

silence grasp and broadcast parade

smaller clasps
wandering aggressive
globe cartoons 
sound her screen and beckon
                       with plot

the paper commissioned, not the music

Doing the After Math

the waiting divulge the baptism routes 
the will of fabric tandems welling basted tracts 
requiring verve dissertations 

     commissaries fluctuate 
     reborn hacksaws lock the additive 

          to the amplitudes 
                                      their horror welled acclaim


wandering nerve radar divulges eaten hordes

     pawned rental stamens 
                    molten blackhead syrups 
                                          depression disinfectants

          release the hostage swizzle 

     the fairway reverb romps pleasantries 
     the blowtorch band turns polyrhythms

                       an awful glob
                       like fireside plunder spectacles 

               shattered firebricks will a queasy half-life

                                              no fairway can encompass


     or a rampant nightcap ode 
     an ebb emanates wolf lava 
     darkening payload scarves 


          burnt lanterns bring scrutiny
          to elusive commonplaces braking 

                the nearest panic, galloping 
                reverb sectors dissolve siesta 

                          harkening will to slime clappers

          cornered without symptoms and larvae sectors 

     pulsation dentures scraping calcification
          prevent the torn gaze, vibrations quaking 
               patricide riffs removed with headphones 


                         the tethered gaze 
                         lost mimetic vibrations 
                         to a cornered epitaph

Everything Included

strata passed
the compendium pocket

          a padlocked poker face

                           the way

                             a preposition cavern

abandoned          to the threats of logic
corridor not       
                            an upheaval breathing

     fire spacing
                                      the treeline
           a forest
           gumbos         the barracuda splice
                                  a given better taken

                    as such
                                  before much 

less occasions will spice
the play
             apologetic return             

elastic parsing the pronoun haze
before the primeval locket clocked
the last entry

                           its way

                           a rip current of errata

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