Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mendes Biondo - Three Poems


How [really?] the war ends [really!]

Hans Franz Parapimpam Birkenau
the greatest general of all generals
put his feet on a goose poop

Get ready to set fire!
he shouted

no one answered

now I tell it to you]

Hans Franz Parapimpam Birkenau
the greatest general of all generals
with the feet deeply put in the poop

will be trusted never more
so the war ends



this is the story of a great couple
a scarface teddy bear and a pacifier
as the cat and the fox from Pinocchio
they were in business selling dreams and adventures

once Poldo fell in a dragon pit
Mama Dragon found him
with his paws in the marmalade
while he was stealing the treasure

he cried and I saved him
in a dark night along with Choocheen
rolling like a mad stone
well seated inside my mouth

then we killed nazi plushes
we fought the doll mafia
we defeated the micromachine army invasion
we saved plush tigers from extinction
and the two fellows Poldo&Choocheen
were decorated
with cotton scars
with silicone glue scars

now they are on leave
drinking and laughing on a shelf
with their cotton and rag pals

they lost all their logos on those journeys
but now they have great stories to tell
and so I have


Pappappero or The Greatest Spell Ever Said

a kid
giggled and


but all rested
the birds shutted
the rivers halted
the planets stopped
when he just said


and all moved
the birds sang
the river flowed
the planets followed the orbit
again when he just said


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