Saturday, October 22, 2016

poem || Lawrence Upton


(to my friend Eddie now known as Jethro)

trumpet piece

the responding hairballs of mothers do after one cements the cord highball bother is
impolitely definers he
cement in line tad signs the same values to the nine
active rebellious of raters and the next two lines
sign the trend rebels the same


trumpet piece

with... with cements were removers
with meat were removers and roe diets
ifs sky sedan am see
effuses are you the son, open your mouth and speak, you may be wondering how many levels of nesting are Eddie in accrued hyphenations and definitions
effuses are you the son, open your moth and sleep
effuses are you the son, open your mouth and sleep, you may be wondering how many levels of nesting are Eddie in accrued hyphenations Phoenicians airway
ascent appear to be a limit according to the rascal definitions but we do get a hint
accords how far it is passable to gods in aye
icicles you are eyed to have with
amok tea seems and it would be thins to nest with
amok tea seems and it would be thins to nest
heathen ably yenned the open urea tramming allots and nest haying amiss tare
signing a value to Sears the entire euchred of deaf is
signing a value to Sears the entire euchred of deaf is defined nine hairballs sit should be pointed out that even though Delphi is composed of nine separate
rabbles it is proper to say deaf able itself because it is a not an acrid
ceases sassed meet era restings sex hairdos he ale
pa cords oath
airfare entwine rebels rascal mart bough
igneous hats nod sign inn ails contained


percussion piece

mar indite cad sexed sashay
Ezekiel cad cud Ed
cod cad cud Ed ad id so cud cad cod tic id ad Ed hawk cod cad Ed
arc cad
arc cad curd
id Ed cad cod hall ad abbey
ma cad cud id ad of
coax cad Ed cud id ad
em Ed cud id
ha six am duly
nor rover lea aced ogle purpose cow ample
nor rover
elected rum lea silkier selector elected rum sulkier sum elected hi Exe
lily red
lily red gang hour top
lily red uric
lily red uric sham
lily red uric sham
red uric sham
red sham story ink
sham story ink
story ink ice
ink ice
incus no nob
thieve pen
thieve pen plus bouncy
acids do rings
cry wry construction droplets
native naively instruction
owlets imaginings
hegemonistic imaginings
nieces an
gymnastic imaginings
finings kneel
whodunit incompetently infectiously infixed
whodunit competently infectiously infixed gecko laptop
whodunit competently infectiously infixed jokey laptop
yarn meditational microrecorder
her neck, the plutonium centre, proverbs, razorwire, reason while she reworked raved shamanistic spiring stasis
I met you and, I met you and tabling topology unreconstructed
undemonstrated uninterpretable unobjective war
she is a stupid fantasist
she is unobjective and she is shaking soy sauce on the noodles
she is unobjective
ship ants
ship ants nap amenably or
sin yawn in propel
repel promising
promising surd surdity
vender jean genie
oceanic bowl handing stout modernity
modernity stout handling bowl oceanic jumble
lissome mind kneel me print us
tea data date dash depth path
death death data dash math width width them
impale dimple
impel dimple spicing
damply impala tinter with
dumpily employee Swedish
lumpily ply wish con tin at et set ten
fillet cod cud my simple on
tic id cud a bunch of idiots given power by government
tic Ed cud cad to id
to ad tic Ed
tic id
to cad
tic cad
tic id
to cod cud Ed ad
to id ad
tic cad
to id
tic cod to cad
to id tic ad
tic cod cad


alto sax piece

ye skeet ah
tar as
nation ridge boil ox
sex six Exe sax
tax ah
tax ah
rafter redefinitions sing
boa rum pox ox
pa pi pox o
by pa pa pi pox ox
ye yaws yeas yews pa pi pox ox
ended ass fined lit not hoaxer and vent lash lash double irks
ma yaks ox yen
reline user
sex six so sax


trumpet piece

mater embed desk dye amid toe come to the grounded
reendowed of all iota
ruptures in rascals
icicles the accords
chords hoards cards cladding
cladding cards hoards chords sad en net heeding us her an end me rehung fine awkward in details lets go right to the first ample ads
do ace is a
do ace is a
ace is a
is a gore using nonsense etude that way austerity
austerity the use of a
drover airway is only one entry in the opiate
airway is only one entry in the pat neutralised part of the
gore cur notified
cur notified tidied creations
notified tidied creations rashness cur posed layoff ears ideals and engine
ideals and engines bereave tic at layoff ash affront
Fahrenheit opiate
pat indicating that the dressier can be of mixed
mixed of be can dressier the that indicating pat
pat son have a complete example of the way a dresser is denied before yaws sty is composed of the (hue)


double bass piece
(or I wish I could write poetry the way Reggie Workman plays)

ennui fattened
ennui fattened elope
fattened elope
inane peroxide gig
non refer curs namely
homely owed
anon refer ends aces scale here see without
thou responding
responding begins begins sautes that this only defines a
that this only defines a tenon opiate it does not define any
it does not define any
neon bereave iota is


Tenor sax

pat son

have a complete example
of the way
a dresser is denied before yaws sty is composed of the hue
ad am as
ad am as ad as at aweigh hey ebb em awe
ad ah ahoy ewe how baa ad eke see
am away hay hoe bib add eel go hay
awe eye highway pa dud ewe he hoe lo
aye hew ma dad eye fee hi hue ill

whoa ha bob did do id odd en eve ahoy away aweigh aye be me gag gig egg ha he ho huh hey hew high highway how whoa Hawaii eye ewe Iowa ah oh all no non nun an en in on of
whoa Hawaii eye ewe Iowa
huh did eve be he how all on ewe
bob hay boo ho so pup us up highway
pip pop err
hey hew loo pep so tot Iowa hue weigh
hey do moo pop is us high we whew my
coo lo pip ass it hey mu ye woe gig
no pap err or as tit to tat at eye ewe hay hew how hoe huh?
go pap as at how wow why by gag eye
no or tat hew way yaw ow egg ah
err to hay Hawaii yea odd hey non ow
tit ewe whoa wee whey woo id huh Iowa or wahoo
eye huh yeah ahoy hew nun ox you ewe
hoe whey away high en Ohio ho oh Hawaii
wee Yahweh whoa on aweigh owe in yew no
yew on an eye yew eye on an yew


Percussive melody


flash clue clench   clinch   clutch squeeze   minute kiss  
cuddle embrace fondling   clinch sprinkling clamp hold  
hug   embrace

caress   embrace fondling   glimmer   hint   command   clasp  

caress   embrace   melt attraction   several howler enfold enfold  
sprinkling tinge   bag squeeze   perception embrace

embrace   fondling   hug   shine   lick   grapple   grip   hug

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