Sunday, October 23, 2016

4 poems || Texas Fontanella

A Line From Kevin Spacey

You repost this on Defacebook to help
lesson the damage caused by phenomeno-
logical nosedives. What redness remains

should go down in a couple of days, but
knot as a result of text messaging, Bitcoin
or back-room handshakes, but rather a de-

sire to get then go up and atomize, hasten
the slope of any extinction curveballs one
of us may need juggle. What is retreat

a better term then? Use it next time, be-
fore repeating this ad nauseum ad nause-
um. No. I don’t know anything about that.

The Bureau / Of Statistics / Can Prove Anything

Recent reports indicate the average human at-
tension span lasts a grand total of eight seconds
& that our sexual anxieties are exacerbated by
both homeophonic & homophonic translations
of Vietnamese genre fiction. It’s almost always
hammer not summertime in Brooklyn. I list ab-
out listening to Mozart. This is not a further cit-
ation but a necessary maintenance of our bank
balance. I bring Banksy back inside. The kitsch-
en howls. Tessa and I exchange hellos as I head
up to the station. Today the train ran on thyme.

Abderian Arthur

Clifftops combine w/ fear & loa-
thing to celebrate last years pap-

smear campaign trail. Its for this
raison detre that Reg Mombassa

& I are joining the Liberal /Natio-
nal Coalition this coming spring.

The Tooth

1. never much
that Angus & Julia Stone song.

2. Our origin
green energy / pass
word was _______

3. Darn7chi.

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