Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 poems || John Pursch


Thermopylae ocean potential evacuates in valid situational duress, pressing smiles of mild tentacular imps across larvae, pupae, and utterly Latinate construction zones, seemingly oblivious to the needy needles in a hayseed’s dermal undertow. Carriages return from temporal backwash, sleeves of prancing trench coats in tow, loaning time to stellar dumping grounds.

Arcturians press me for distal advantageous agents, nominal occlusion biding its mimed idiosyncratic scenes of lifelong fluidity to moral grapeshot. Urns expose their heavy lidded icons to justices of peaceniks, apparatchiks, suppository dwellers, schooled bookends in steely plazas, rotational dunderheads, cropped Canola providers, claviform Andromedans and spiraling penultimate dowagers. Dancing dandelions implode to the tune of shaven silicate pillows, xylophones, and steel drum dharma tummies tucked to tender foil.

Crickets fill the kitchen with backbeat hum refrigerator noggin egging on and on into surveilled and early morning consciousness of misspelled youth in closing tundra fulmination jest and Jetway rigmarole about how much pasta a 787 can hold.

I rally to the cry of a thousand shyly lowing beveled wartime reenactors, ducking Mini balls, canister blasts, bayonet thrusts, roundhouse road apple cores, steaming piles of baked beans, the onset of winter in Apes’llcatchacoldya, angst astern amidships aport abeam, a casting call for skulls and crossbows, slinky luge in loogy like-along lassitude in lassoed loopy locomotion lavatory loaner lobs of hearty tillerman, teaser tortoise shell game ammunition, abundant amphibian monocles; binocular monogamists on guarded pond club quarterly gazebo tears.

Ringo Tin

Long dazed eyeballs opine with silicate of glassy earshot standoff in wooden vestibule of summer morning turned to ash. Counterpoint flips all cortical between cerebellar canoe breath, funnels longings straight to idiosyncratic synapses clogged with flounder.

Paratroopers filter down from future skies in escalator ostentation, squeaking trusty language socket quench of sold departure lungs on high burrito setting forged to mostly tattered knots untied by prosperous old gents on skidding alps. Three clouds in synchrony bely effusive stereotype of timed travail, slipknot architect repelling whacked bottlenose elf in studio haze.

“Some kinda sick legitimation, ossified,” Kabuki sold to dissolving llama, frisking downtown You’re an Ordinary Tractatus jumper. He produce plain salt expression dribbling sweaty greatcoat, palm of hamster drowning door in screening ovum, cans a tin of wholesome meat for legal squeegee spectroscopic tally hoax.

Gecko crawls from federale badge to topple entrails of an opaque mouth, piecing gathered tombs to tetanus walnut sequence. “What’s that smell when combs elide elusive sidewalk?” querulous emphatic cistern pleads gotcha nullity.

Furious Clem he hasp known college, why he sparingly grabbed predated grape spool, bet he barter banter sunny drinks oar funky Slammy throw supper hands in frustum agitation pork of the quarter. “Free to comb these hearsay hillsides fer lawn-aligning caramels, Sephardic understatement, sigh bereave,” Slammy ventures tenuous in supine air rendition.

“Time conniption fins expect mere gravy coast from Ringo Tin, your alabaster slackened stash or finicky vinegar hold pent olive in exploding taxi,” federales chime in unitary songbird shove to portal dime-store coffee stool in 23rd Street soda stand Forgivenyawn city limping home to swallowed craving dignity befriending inkling reciprocity of sidling footfalls.

Within a Winking Wombat

A cacophonous calamitous concomitant sea of pilloried pillbox hats ties illegal shores of lewd illicit batsmen in foxtrot caramel conundrums, fallacies dribbling down the stubbly fairy tales of mired thematic thunderbolts in lightning laundromat design to rowboat thugs and ghoulish grams of cochleae born from barnyard bullock barriers of bastion swine tureens immersed in swollen chaff.

ChapStick churns to beckoning churlish chard of card shark calumny, callow coolies cooking in criminal incrimination stool of Crimean carbuncle clods, gloppy gargantuan gargoyle chaw, effluvial consonants, assiduity of foveal pejorative, campy handspring ballast beams eroding bubbling mums to submariners on furlough in sportive anemometer downs of landless unlauded gonad hoodwinked floodplain firs of tangled incursion felt.

Somehow wares imagine tombs beyond a carapace of slaving oven cheesesteak charioteers, mimed to stormy clover, palaver troves of salutary animation fluid spent from wistfully proverbial catwalk herbs and tacky ionic closet caper pizzicato spreads to sodden leavened eaves above below behind a meeting meddling mendicant interred between mendacity and inner suburb medians of inching ichthyologists.

Stymied by esteem, calliopes clock into cloven foothill hovering parity, tipped ahead in swapped speed climb to unreality imbued with sensate surreptitious sojourners, and intimate tasseled penny chants to floods of known serrated teeter bots in tufa flits of lost lineal imminence.

Homing aches, does intake stake to cold ham turnkey tree departure, sating entrained and garish barely codfish smothered slaps of chance in dancing slipper pipsqueak service, turpitude of worn torpedo beauty, broken shafts to mined and sallow sunken freighters, snorkeling spelunkers, jawed jalopy junket jukes, giraffes in garrulous inconstancy of feigned fallacious frugivorous frustums, frustrating flippant flagrancies with wiles within a winking wombat.

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