Monday, August 15, 2016

3 poems || Daniel Y. Harris and Irene Koronas

leon bovin and susan howe

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bone and skin

red and white blood cells store minerals and enable mobile as support for the body tissue is two types cortical a central cana yellow literal osteoblasts and osteocytes around vessels papillae and cancellous osteocyte sand osteoclasts osteoid seam is pithelium a narrow region of newly tissue, adipose tissue and elastin main cell types or fatty marrow in adults red marrow is lymphatic are fibroblasts formed organic matrix howship lacunae orresorption pits ability to resist torsion forces after a fracture from globular and plate structures the hair follicles skin hair and glabrous skin adjective cutaneous sweat glands sebaceous provide the dermis with a bumpy surface that interdigitates condyle crest spine eminence found in the bone marrow of the femur the ribs means the skin latin cutis 1000 species from in palms of hands keratinocytes proteoglycans such as hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate and bottoms of feet granulosum spinosum basale cells are formed through mitosis at the basale layer macrophages and adipocytes the hypodermis differentiate and become filled with keratin reach the top layer stratum corneum and are sloughed the epiphyses carpal bones coracoid process medial border of the scapula and acromion are still cartilaginous off or desquamated mineral calcium phosphate in the chemical arrange termed calcium hydroxylapatite column is multiple layers epidermis are melanocytes langerhans called keratinization and takes place within week the outermost layer of the epidermis consists of 25 to 30 layers of dead cells glands apocrine glands tubercle or tuberosity depend on the protrusion shape and location long bones are said to incorporate the inorganic cells and body temperature have a head neck and body reticular region are the roots of the hair sebaceous glands sweat glands receptors nails and blood vessels veins of the dermis merkels cells the epidermis helps the skin to 19 phyla stratify squamouse with an underlying basal lamina only regulate of vertebrae and pelvic bones vess and blood

goliath and orphah

goliath was a son of orphah a haggadic and homiletic born by polyspermy and had about one hundred fathers thrasonical ungodliness taunts and boasts it was he who captured the ark of the covenant and brought it to the temple of dagon he challenges combat during morning and evening to disturb prayers his armour weighed 60 tons and his sword had marvelous powers his heart carried the image of his downfall david strikes him with the stone he runs to him before he dies and goliath says hurry and kill me and rejoice before he dies he opens his eyes to see his slayer is an angel who killed his genuine name he was one of four sons of orpah the daughter in law who did not stand in loyalty but returned to her own people in spring time the road east of the dead sea was destitute nothing to offer them the giants could not find acceptance unless they became believers and confession but sister orpah decided to turn back the nape of her neck a polite way of saying the woman who turned her back who left the known that she could do better without her mother her grandmother was queen married to eglon who did not have to die from hunger as widows in foreign lands driven by famine and arranged political advantageous marriages her sons forming an alliance with any king after the death of a man husband the real name of orpah was harafu she found a new husband the result of a shrewd alliance with unwanted people there were still giants but most of them had moved to the coastal plain when orpah became the wife of one of these eminem or giants she bore him four big boys ishbibenob saph lahmi and goliath her boys were killed and orpah died in an effort to protect her last son  

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