Wednesday, November 26, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

Repetitions across changed narrator.



          but found it hard to get whole pictures, I think.
Movement towards video.
Brightened kill.
So among the moving,
and within surfaces,
among fragility, before stopped;
before perhaps or before stars.
Circulation within pulling waves.
Killing within stars.
A stag tied.
Just saw it across from me.
Always know you
Considering that slowed us down.
Fragility of things circulating momentarily.
Denouement collisions,
continuing waves,
pulling of the plurally confused.
Deflecting horizons far flooded.
Stars' repetitions.
Everything was apparent
and changed me
always know fields or shapes
shooting repetitions appearances and disappearances
pulling everything among or between
had repeating hunters
before something stopped
What does a gun? I want to read it.
Passenger shapes stop. Moved seems video.
Fragility before something.
It turned or it was.
Frame across surfaces among why.
Everything veering.
Without narrator. Mouth changed narrator stop.
Faster among bright.
Prosperity enthralled at the front of history.
Behind joy. The resource of mass contentment reality.
Real politics chasing a car.
Everything among fields.
First time in history.
Alignment has shift.
Coming out of global commerce.


This stopping
Astonishing between versions of theory.
Eternal prosperity.
Counter image.
A horizontal dispute of language over pulling of something
that reflects once again.
Aim among isolated collisions.
Pulling plural.
fragility leaning
changeover always
within read
something among
or between stars.
Know fields or shapes.
Repetitions across changed narrator.
Society has been replaced.
The title picked to influence public opinion.
The production of shapes.
An edge without horizons.
Gun work.
Describe me down.
Isolation of language.
The desire repeating.
Enthralled with the production of things.
If the trend holds.
If the trend holds
the west who will transform is empire
into something -
fragility always mouthing.
And they aren't reluctant.
Particles among always.
Within surfaces among people.
A largely recycled film.
Everything among particles surfaces this.
Video brightened.
That condition of apparent beginning.
Political sentiments.
Movie characters in the household.
The rise of language in charge.
It functions.
The forces of language isolate continuing.

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