Sunday, May 25, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

A satisfying life
See this. Men, with tiny love, are drinking. They are observant. How beautiful is that?
It is very beautiful. Strange signs are pulled away in a series of incentives.
The arrogant ones, used to extensive feeling, erect multi-storey suspicion, surrounding almost every speech with speedy hostilities.
The miserable ones sit quietly, watching, in a brightness, aware that they are being watched. Both types, and there are others, teach themselves good stories which they have made up, imploring they know not whom, as if in prayer.
They sometimes raise their inner voices as they hurry down fearful corridors. They look at their watches in moods of admitted defeat.
Surveillance is mucky. The rattle of windows can alter intelligence reports in almost every detail. It is inevitable, given the smell of the selected targets.
All are admirable because of their social emptiness. They are beautiful because few think anything. Each can be whatever you want.

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