Saturday, May 10, 2014

poetry || Sheila Murphy


Tattle temperature enlists
the torque [divulged]
most likely porous
clamped down [tissue]

a veritable spate of chem- imbal-

agg- sorghum [plaudits]
veering treat to trim
conniption to outlast

turnover’s complicity

swerved high [octagonal]
speed snuff's innocent leap year
posse of torn timbre

point of fact this

pact with fault line [information]
every tacit temple stare down
cleared [means] tripwire stalled


Plastic velvet [rubs out]
furtive gloss toward
traction plumbed
or plumed [divine]

as rendered stones coiffed

smoother than a warmth
condones constricted
as the wheat falls [few]

along creamed [frost]

play tones traced
temper trays full
[omnipotent] with flaw

where reason clerks for

purview thus retrains
to swerve when [sullen] craft
works some as leisure [lined]

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