Monday, August 22, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

fragm epresi t ar t au d p3
td eithr msceaingor y fev is ealy i
ney sconay fculie thie elmets fyn
ad sol arhiden arn disnegrting buj
ut iagine how ae angig on omethi
hafwy btwenthe ypcal tm sher bri
atei an th tiofm reait uge les fr fod
thun smki f eeetay conciosnes uit
kot o lif whre thuht-eission hngsko
t o etral sufoatio iply t find asisn su
e unmiuous truh tha i ony whiwodd
een on ne niue aos ege his pobleofe
he eancpaion o m concios benis o l
oner presete initsexcuvel excucating
asect fel e fatorsinterein in te proesb
wichm lif ih bii deatued an tht hav si
oething like a new awareness of myi
ntimate loss se inhe fa ha thdi isasta
da pluning ino te afirato o agesd-attri
uh hoevrriky m etr reao fo eng aiv oe
tie ligerorhurs oer thepreson ome ie o
rson ha md o m emtio desnt delp intie
it asno tmpral seuence ahe b ad flo oy
sulareinperct acor wh the absoute ida
lty f mi cnfrntthmetpysicl se mae fr se
l as a coseuec o hi vi carr witin e omti
s pin ooedin me lk a wdge at the a the
centr ofum puest ralityad flo oycarr wi
rush off in any wrong direction mybloo
torment is as subtle an refine wid geat

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