Sunday, August 28, 2011

poem || Barry Alpert


See space theatre idea trick
journey, but what going
Marfa but renaissance Gabo freezes.

Smiling Spain. They (because) think
Jasper lucky. Drawn Kooning
me, but renaissance through freezes

Spain up. The straight think
just our search anonymity
Mondrian, but central school freezes

Surrealists. Spain spectator because think
Jetty. Sure that using
modernism [culture don], Gabo freezes.

Spanish optical seems always trick
jealous, but that then
many. Much [don resonate] freezes.

Study Spain. The because, trick.
Just Judd nearly cannot.
My but want important freezes

sense. Spectator/viewer relate/think
jealous author search, then
Malevich, but tone becomes/freezes.

Statue space twenty because speaking
Judd cut what wrong,
much, but sense floors freezes.

See up, open, idea frank.
Judd. But learn didn’t
my outside hand / importance freezes.

Spain open. One speaking thinks
Judd, but Dia doing.
Made, but renaissance also freezes.

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